Lord Greyton’s Fall From Grace

Grace Brackenridge returns from London a year after her father sent her to find a husband. No man in London compares to the man of her dreams, Owen Darrington, Viscount Greyton, in Hartland, Devon. Grace returns to Hartland still unmarried but determined to marry Owen.
Owen realizes how attracted to Grace he truly is during her long absence. When she returns to Hartland unmarried, he pursues her with the intention of marrying her. He’s leaving in two weeks time to work on an archaeological excavation in Italy on behalf of the Avalon Society. He will be gone for three months. He decides he must win her heart quickly to insure she will wait for him while he is away.
Grace’s father, Squire Brackenridge has other ideas. He prefers his daughter marry another. Knowing Grace is intelligent and willful, he sets his own plan in motion to make certain things won’t work out the way Owen and Grace want them to. Is Owen and Grace’s love strong enough to survive the trickery and deceit that threatens to tear them apart forever?
The first Lords of Avalon Novella is the story of how Owen and Grace’s relationship began four years before the Lords of Avalon Series begins. Owen and Grace were introduced in Book 2 of the Lords of Avalon Series, Lords of Honor. You will find the rest of their story in Lords of Honor.

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