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  1. glena westbrook

    when will your next book to come out in the the lords of avolon. is it the lord of atonement? can hardly wait for it.

    thank you
    glena westbrook

    1. K. R. Richards

      Thank you so much, Glena! I’m still working on Lords of Atonement, I haven’t even finished the first draft yet. There is a lot of detail and things I have to include in the conclusion, so it is going slow. I am going to try to have it on sometime this summer! In the mean time, be sure to check my facebook page, where I keep a link to my blog, and I post regular updates on my progress on FB and snippets and excerpts of Lords of Atonement on both FB and the Blog, and I have posted some snippets of the new Secrets of the Shroud series, The Cornish Rakes series and the Darkes of Penzance series, that I work on when I am not working on Lords of Atonement. Again, Thank you, Glena. I am so happy you are looking forward to Lords of Atonement!

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